LMCC Supports Modified Access to Alarm Channels

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Herndon, VA – The Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) and The Monitoring Association (TMA) have jointly submitted suggested revisions to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules governing access to central station alarm frequencies as well as related coordination protocols. The revisions and protocols were submitted in response to an FCC effort to enhance access to these designated channels.

The rule revisions propose to allow increased access to certain central station channels by non-central station entities. Specifically, the urban central station voice channels will be available for all Part 90 Industrial/Business Pool applicants proposing to operate exclusive-use channels. Further, while “nationwide” central station voice channels will remain assigned exclusively for use by central station entities, TMA will consider providing concurrence to waiver requests to utilize these frequencies, if no exclusive-use frequencies are available in the applicant’s primary pool.

The protocol represents a consensus among the LMCC members that coordinate FCC spectrum license applications for the Industrial/Business Pool. Upon acceptance by the FCC, the LMCC will post associated frequency coordination protocols on its website.

About LMCC
The Land Mobile Communications Council is a nonprofit association of organizations that represent the wireless communications interests of public safety, critical infrastructure, business, industrial, transportation, private and common carriers as well as manufacturers of wireless communications equipment. Learn more at lmcc.org.


Author: Andrea Cumpston