LMCC Seeks Commissioner O’Rielly’s Assistance with eBay and Amazon

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In a letter submitted yesterday, the Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) asked Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Michael O’Rielly to help eliminate the sale of non-compliant radio devices distributed by eBay, Inc., and Amazon.com, Inc., a virtual identical effort that Commissioner O’Rielly is pursuing with these same companies concerning the sales of TV set-top boxes that do not meet the Commission’s equipment authorization requirements or falsely claim that they have been certified by the agency.

The LMCC’s letter informed the Commissioner that the LMCC raised these concerns with Enforcement Bureau earlier this year and as a result of that meeting, the LMCC prepared and forwarded to the Bureau two proposed “Alerts,” one an advisory directed towards businesses and consumers, the other addressed to distributors of these noncompliant radio devices. The LMCC anticipates the release of these Alerts, but in the interim, asked the Commissioner “to also bring to the attention of eBay and Amazon the risks to the American public of the continued distribution of non-compliant radio devices, the level of which we understand reaches 1,000,000 units annually.”

Author: Andrea Cumpston