LMCC Members Respond to FCC’s 800 MHz Access Proposals

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November 23, 2016 (Herndon, VA) — In comments filed on November 22, the Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) supported many of the FCC’s proposals in WP Docket 16-261, but also sought expansion of others. Specific LMCC recommendations included:

A majority of the LMCC membership recommended that the FCC should adopt the original six-month, time-limited priority access proposal as suggested by the LMCC, and that all existing 800 MHz incumbents, whether Business/Industrial Land Transportation (B/ILT), Public Safety or Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR), should have the opportunity to expand spectrum capacity and geographic coverage as required utilizing both the Expansion Band and Guard Band;

Expand conditional licensing authority to the 470-512, 800 and 900 MHz bands for classes of eligible entities, including SMR operators in the 800 MHz band, and public safety entities in the 700 MHz band; and

Authorize the use of UHF Guard Band and Interstitial channels in the I/B Pool to be
evaluated in accordance with frequency coordination protocols consistent with adjacent
channel protection protocols.

The LMCC’s comments may be viewed at www.lmcc.org.

Author: Andrea Cumpston