FACs Will Follow Rules as Written

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Herndon, VA – On November 4, the Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for clarification regarding the intent of Rule Section 90.187(d)(ii)(1)(D), which states that licensees that are not narrowband compliant need not be considered affected parties during analyses conducted by frequency advisory committees (FACs) seeking exclusive-use channels for use within trunked radio systems. Having not heard from the FCC, on December 17 the LMCC filed a second letter advising the FCC that, pending Commission clarification, both Business/Industrial Land Transportation (B/ILT) and Public Safety FACs understand that they have authority not to consider licensees with wideband-only emission designators as affected parties for purposes of exclusive-use channel analyses, except if they have a waiver to continue operating wideband equipment or satisfy the efficiency equivalency standard. This issue arose because FACs received conflicting interpretations of this provision from FCC staff.


Author: Andrea Cumpston